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November 2014

Nov 1


James King Band

The Firebox

Saturday Night
5:00 pm

Donations ~ Fill the Boot!


539 Broad Street
Hartford, CT

info: 203-650-3492

at The Firebox

Nov 2


Charter Oak Bluegrass Band

Quarry Ridge Golf Club
"Music at The Ridge"

6:00 pm

No Cover - Donations accepted


9 Rose Hill Road
Portland, CT


Nov 8


Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem

Bread Box Theater
7:30 pm



220 Valley Street
Willimantic, CT


Nov 9


The Spinney Brothers
(Nova Scotia)

Country Corner Coffeehouse
Morning Star Community Church
(same venue -- different name)

2:00 pm

$22 advance / $25 door


11 North Main Street
South Hadley Falls, MA



Same venue as in the past -- different name

Nov 9


Four Bridges

Quarry Ridge Golf Club
"Music at The Ridge"

6:00 pm

No Cover - Donations accepted


9 Rose Hill Road
Portland, CT


Nov 13


Run Boy Run

Cafe Nine
9:00 pm

$6 / $8


250 State Street
New Haven, CT


Nov 15

Celebrates its 50th Concert...

Ralph Stanley &
The Clinch Mountain Boys

Unitarian Society Hall
8:00 pm

$50 general admission
$60 reserved

700 Hartford Turnpike
Hamden, CT


The Stanley Brothers took mountain music nationwide starting in the early 1940s. After brother Carter's death in December 1966, Ralph Stanley took charge of the Clinch Mountain Boys -- and has never looked back. Ralph's career and personal life has been an interesting bit of American history, and a major contribution to American music history.

In October, Ralph Stanley (age 87) will have been a professional performing artist and songwriter for 68 years ~~~

Last of the Original Bluegrass Pioneers

Recommended Reading...

Lonesome Melodies:
The Lives and Music of
The Stanley Brothers

by David W. Johnson (2013)
ISBN-13: 978-1-61703-646-0


Nov 16


Run Boy Run

First Church of
Christ Congregational
4:00 pm

Under 12 Free


12 South Main Street
West Hartford, CT


Winners of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Contest and guests on the Prairie Home Companion. Touches of classical, jazz, and folk express themselves through the old-time core of the band’s unique sound.

Nov 19


Peter Rowan

Infinity Music Hall & Bistro

8:00 pm

$40 / $60


Route 44
20 Greenwoods Road W
Norfolk, CT



Grammy-award winner and 6-time Grammy nominee, Peter Rowan is a singer-songwriter with a career spanning over five decades.   From his early years playing under the tutelage of Blue Grass founder Bill Monroe... to his time in Old & In the Way, and his breakaway as a solo musician / bandleader, Rowan has built a devoted international fan base through his solid stream of records, collaborative projects, and constant touring.

Nov 21



Del McCoury Band

Infinity Music Hall & Bistro

8:00 pm
$69 / $89


Del McCoury may very well be the best singer-songwriter in the entire Bluegrass / Americana genre.

For 50 years, Del’s music has defined authenticity for hardcore bluegrass fans, as well as a growing number of alternative music fans only vaguely familiar with the genre.

While the recent CD box-set "Celebrating 50 Years of Del McCoury" provides an opportunity to look back on a unique legacy, it’s also one that Del McCoury is rolling past with a wave and his legendary McCoury grin.

Del and his sons Ron & Rob are producing some of the best music they have ever made... but then... that can be said every day of the year!



Nov 21 - Norfolk, CT

Route 44
20 Greenwoods Road W
Norfolk, CT


Nov 22 - Hartford, CT

32 Front Street
Hartford, CT


Nov 21


Gail Wade & Turning Point

Marlborough Arts Center
7:30 pm

$ ??


231 North Main Street
Marlborough, CT


Nov 22


Donna Martin & Gail Wade

Roaring Brook Nature Center
7:30 pm

$15 advance / $18 door


70 Gracey Road
Canton, CT


December 2014
Dec 5

   GuitarTownCT presents:

The Gibson Brothers Trio

Spaceland Ballroom

8:00 pm

$25 row seats
$35 tables

295 Treadwell Street
Hamden, CT

Leigh Gibson - guitar, vocals
Eric Gibson
- banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Mike Barber - string bass, vocals



The Gibson Brothers' band is familiar to folks in the the New England bluegrass music circles. No introduction needed. For the rest of you, hanging out with the Gibson Brothers Trio would be an excellent opportunity to be introduced to some of the most traditionally-based musicians and songwriters. Not to mention some of the most honest, pleasant personalities in the bluegrass and country music business.

If recognition by their peers interests you, they have that in spades. The band, as well as its members, have received multiple International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) awards in recent years:

* "Entertainers of the Year" (2x)
* " Vocal Group of the Year" (2x)
* "Song of the Year"
* "Songwriter of the Year"
* "Gospel Recorded Performance"
* "Album of the Year"

It's not often we get the chance to experience a trio performance -- bare-bones top-shelf music and entertainment -- by the Gibsons. Consider this to be an exclusive offering. One you may very well remember for all-time. Down-to-Earth music and great people at the top of their game.

An evening well spent...
and that's a bona-fide guarantee.


Dec 7


David Mallett

Roaring Brook Nature Center
7:30 pm

$20 advance / $25 door


70 Gracey Road
Canton, CT



David Mallett writes and sings about Life. His lyrics recall Main Street America of days long past, as he knew it growing up in Maine. He also tells contemporary stories of the good, the bad, the satisfied, and the lonely. A great voice; excellent storyteller. All in all, a fine evening lies in store for those wise enough to spend a buck and some time with a master songwriter at this awesome acoustic music venue.

Dec 13


Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem

Northwest Park Nature Center
7:30 pm

$ ??


145 Lang Road
Windsor, CT


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